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Emergency Links

· Bioterrorism Preparedness - Illinois Department of Public Health

· Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response Site

· U. S. Department of Homeland Security

· U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Counterterrorism

· Drug Preparedness and Response to Bioterrorism

To help prepare our country for possible bioterrorism attacks, FDA is working with other federal agencies to make sure adequate supplies of medicine and vaccines are available to the American public. This web page provides links to the most current information on drug therapy and vaccines, plus advice on purchasing and taking medication.

· Teaching in a Time of Global Conflict from Vermont Public Television

· Biological Warfare and the Threat of Terrorism from the British Library

Links to material on biological warfare and the threat of terrorism. It includes information on what biological warfare is and how it can be used by terrorists. The site includes UK and Foreign Government sites along with other Organisations concerned with biological warfare.

· Center for Civilian Defense Strategies - Johns Hopkins University

· Responding First to Bioterrorism

Expert-selected Web resources for "First Responders" on bioterrorism and public safety, with a search engine of more than 3,000 related Web pages.

· General Bioterrorism Information

from the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy at University of Minnesota

· Texas Department of Health

· National Biosecurity Resource Center for Animal Health Emergencies

· Bioterrorism Information and Resources Links

from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

· New Jersey Hospital Assoc. Emergency Preparedness Library & Links - Clinical Resources

· Bioterrorism Information for Professionals

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